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10 Best Productivity Apps to Get More Done

10 Best Productivity Apps to Get More Done

In today’s distracted world, using productivity apps makes getting things done much easier. With so many choices, here are 10 of the top-rated productivity apps to help you save time and skyrocket your efficiency:

  1. Todoist – This intuitive task manager app allows you to organize projects into doable tasks, set priorities, due dates, and reminders.
  2. Focus Keeper – Uses the Pomodoro technique to segment your work time into 25-minute chunks separated by 5-minute breaks boosting productivity.
  3. Toggl – Provides a user-friendly time tracker to record what you’re working on at all times. Generates helpful reports on how you use your time.
  4. Forest – Gamifies productivity by letting you grow a virtual tree when you stay off your phone. Blocks apps that distract you while the tree grows.
  5. Trello – Manages projects and tasks with drag-and-drop boards, lists, due dates, assignments, attachments and more. Great for teams.
  6. Evernote – The ultimate note taking app to capture ideas, save webpages, record voice reminders and write notes. Syncs across devices.
  7. Focus@Will – Provides cinematic, lyric-free music engineered to improve focus and concentration. Helps you get in flow.
  8. Freedom – Completely blocks distracting websites and apps for set periods of time so you can focus without interruption.
  9. Momentum – Replaces new tabs with an inspiring dashboard featuring to-do lists, reminders and motivational quotes.
  10. RescueTime – Automatically tracks how you spend time on your devices. Weekly reports help analyze and change habits.

With thousands of productivity apps to choose from, narrowing it down can be tough. But incorporating just a couple of these top-rated apps can help manage your time better and get more accomplished each day.