Global Leadership School


Who We Are

About Our Founder

Our team is led by Katarina Carlsson, the founder and executive director of Teacher’s Hero. Katarina is a vision mentor, trainer, and certified psychotherapist who has worked successfully for the past 15 years with many clients all around the world. She has a background as a teacher.
Katarina’s global vision is to create a world where every woman, man and child has the opportunity to live a wealthy and fulfilled life.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide online educational training for principals, teachers, students, and parents in order to improve educational outcomes for students from all backgrounds. By making continuing education and professional development more accessible, we aim to equip schools and families with the tools to foster each child’s personal growth and prepare them for entrepreneurial, business, college and career success. In addition, transform 195 schools globally: One school in one town in every country in the world, such that every student feels seen, heard and empowered in their Unique Brilliance. We will do this through Entrepreneurial and Leadership trainings and consultations, delivered by Global Leadership Schools trained Coaches, Consultants, Trainers and Teachers.

What we do

We discover and develop student’s strengths, talents and core competencies both Academically and Linguistically. We create learning environments that encourage both exploration and mastery, with focus on leadership, communication and cooperation skills. We stress the importance of deep knowledge and understanding of subjects and society. The foundation delivers entrepreneurial, action-based trainings with the goal of creating value for the local and global community, as well as ongoing teacher training, follow-ups and routines for collegial learning.

The foundation is politically and religiously unbiased.


1. Trilingual Pre-schools

Preschools in which children have the opportunity to learn three languages by the age of five. English and two other languages.


2. On-screen Right Brain – Left Brain Learning.

Effective classroom on-screen learning, programmed with the national curriculum and automatically engaging every student’s attention.


3. Individual Baccalaureate Learning (IB)

Online learning programs in every national curriculum subject, where students can learn at their own pace and on their own computers.


4. Ability learning groups

Students of mixed ages learn effectively with other students of similar abilities.


5. Language labs

Individual and groups of students have the opportunity to learn a minimum of three languages. English is the main language and arabic, mandarin, russian and other languages are available to every student. Foreign students will be able to contribute by teaching their own language to other students.


6. Entrepreneurial trainings and consultations for every student and teacher.

Cutting-edge training technology that brings out the unique entrepreunerial brilliance in every student and teacher.


7. Individual Tutoring

Tutoring based on a new Educational Vision for students who don´t feel they fit in to the school system. Reframing techniques which facilitate a new Mind-Set created by the student and tutor.


The foundation

Our society has changed!


Both society and school systems are under great pressure. The awareness of the importance of education is high but the current methods of organizing learning are not meeting the needs of the majority of students – nor the needs of parents or of the teachers working in current pre-schools and school models. The Driving Force behind Global Leadership Schools is its Commitment to Transform methods and effects of the Educational system. The result will be to ensure and encourage young people to realize their Potential as Entrepreneurs, Leaders, and Learners.


John Steinberg, Ph.D. is the author of more than fifty books about teaching, learning, schooling, leadership, communication, and values. He has experience as a school principal and university lecturer. He is passionately committed to finding ways to bring out the strength and talents of both students and teachers.


Founder: Katarina Hanssens Carlsson

B.Ed: Visionary mentor, global Entrepreneurial and Leadership Trainer. Teacher and Entrepreneurial Consultant.


Co-founder: Leif Hejdenberg

Our social conscience, Secretary of the board. School Examiner for the Swedish Institute for Quality.


Chairman of the board: Camilla Frank

Global Finance-strategist, organizer and Economic Chief of staff.


Member of the Board: Lena Winqvist

Exceptional teacher and our anchor to reality.


Member of the board: Eva Sternå

Mentor, Special Needs and SVA teacher, 40 years of experience. Passionate about school development.

Grow and develop with us!

Commitment makes a difference

If you would like to know more about our foundation’s schools, projects and events please contact us. Your initiative make all difference! As a bonus, we offer you leadership training.


Your knowledge and skills

If you want to contribute with your knowledge and skills in areas like education, leadership, and social media, you are most welcome.


Scientists and experts

If you are a scientist in the field of education or have any kind of expertise in areas like transformational leadership, entrepreneurial and value-creating learning, please let us know.