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Creating Schools that Students Love!

‘We won’t stop until Every child finds and develops their Natural Unique Brilliance.’

We will transform 195 schools globally:

One school in one town, in every country in the world.

Students from ages 4 to 18.

What is our solution? To bring out the linguistic, academic, creative and entrepreneurial Brilliance in every student.

What is the Result? Every student will find meaning in school, since every teacher, parent and principal will be trained to focus on each child’s Brilliance.

Why is our solution different from most schools?


We do not focus solely on the academic and intellectual progress of each child. We focus on them as individuals with unique  and natural creative potential. 


Every student will have a Brilliance Profile, focusing on their strengths, their aptitudes and what they love to do.


From the age of seven every student will be given the opportunity to create their own entrepreneurial business which will provide them with an income for life as soon as they leave school at 18. 

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Teacher’s Hero is a nonprofit organization that provides online training for principals, teachers, students and parents to foster entrepreneurial and value-creating learning in schools. We believe that education is not only about academic achievement, but also about personal growth, creativity, and entrepreneurship. We believe that principals, teachers, students, and parents are the key stakeholders in shaping the future of education.

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