Global Leadership School

Find your Entrepreneurial Blueprint in one day guaranteed And become the Exceptional Entrepreneurial CEO you've always dreamed of being!

These are the four steps which we will cover in your  Entrepreneurial Blueprint Consultation:

  1. Be the Best  and most Authentic Version of yourself;
    • We will find and Define your Authentic Entrepreneurial Identity, so that you can Express it everyday until you are always at ‘your Peak.’
  2. Transform  your Inner Saboteur :
    •  We will find  and transform your Inner Saboteur strategy on 3 levels, so that you can then express your New Potential as an Empowered Entrepreneur.
  3. Do.
    •  We will find what you love to do, what you are Brilliant at, what you are highly competent at, so that you can Contribute your greatest gift, service or product and Value to others.
  4. Focus ; Where will you be in your Entrepreneurial Business in five years time? 
    • We will Create your most Compelling five-year Vision as well as specific  1 year, 3 year and 5 year goals so that you will stay focused on these until they are completed.
      • Self-management Program for Entrepreneurs
      • Manage your health  with the best nutrition
      •  Manage your energy with exercise, yoga
      •  Manage your stress with meditation