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Teaching! The best job in the world? Or the worst ?

I’ve been a teacher, so I know the limitations of trying to teach a language, in a classroom where the speakers don’t work!

Looking at my paycheck at the end of the month and thinking, is this all I get for giving my heart, soul and mind to do the best job I possibly can, for these students?

The exhaustion of marking exams and doing reports, the backstabbing and jealousy amongst colleagues. What a toxic environment for young students to learn in let alone thrive!

So what if schools were the most dynamic centers in every community

 where children would learn not only financial autonomy but emotional autonomy

 where they would leave school with an entrepreneurial business up and running

 that would create an income for them for the rest of their lives

 What if teachers loved to teach

 what if children and teachers groaned when the lesson came to the end

 what if students stayed on at school to work on their projects and their parents would call them to say ‘dinner is ready!’

And what if you worked in a school like this

 Even better, what if you went back into your school and totally reframed a toxic environment to the most dynamic environment in the community?

What would it take for you to be able to do this?