Global Leadership School

The 7 Steps to Your Entrepreneurial Success!


  1. Your true identity who you truly are index the authentic you the best version of you

  2.  who you are not your inner saboteur on 3 levels your foes identity your greatest weakness on the consequences of being from your false identity

  3. Your inner saboteurs identity and weakness transformed in other words the antidotes to your fake identity Stop a charging weakness The transformation of your imposter syndrome

  4. Once we’ve established the best version of you your true identity you’re transformed I can see and you’re transformed weakness into a potential strength we can send clearly see what your true gift is your contribution your offer service your wow idea becomes crystal clear

  5. Finally weekends in create Your 5-year vision and what you really can accomplish specifically in 1 year 3 years and 5 years

  6. The next step is marketing in this step you will switch to a marketing coach who would take you through all the steps required to Market your product and service successfully

  7. Finally your Organisational systems you need to be organised you will work with a consultant who can create your digital marketing and organisational system so that it is automated for you

Et voila! you’re set for success